About Thrussendale Farm

Thrussendale Farm which lies in the outstandingly beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, right on the edge of the Wolds, was originally a well respected sheep farm. We converted it into a successful pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull breeding farm producing high health and welfare animals that were calm and easily handled. 
Our Company

Thrussendale Farm Limited was established in 2012 in order to develop a respected herd of pedigree Dexter cattle alongside a commercial sheep flock. We achieved this but sadly, and in order to make more room available for our pedigree Aberdeen Angus Bull breeding programme, the entire Dexter herd was successfully dispersed through Malton Livestock Market on 13th May 2016. This gave us greater space and facilities for our high EBV pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle which produced outstanding, award winning, bulls for the dairy and commercial beef sectors as well as quality heifer replacements. 


Our business strategy has always been the same. To aim to be the best in our sector whilst fully respecting the gorgeous countryside in which we are privileged to live. 

Farm Health Scheme

Being a part of a well respected Farm Health Scheme (PCHS) was vitally important and helped build our customers' confidence that they were dealing with a reputable and trustworthy farm.


This has always been key for us and we were delighted when in 2016, and following inspection by SAI Global, we were awarded our Red Tractor Farm Assurance certificate. This provided even more confidence that we worked to the highest standards in the industry. 

Environment & Sustainability

With views stretching for around 60 miles on a good day Thrussendale Farm has always been run very much along organic lines without actually being able to claim Organic status. We spread almost no nitrogen, other than that in our own muck, and are developing areas of special interest to attract birds, bees and other insects traditionally found within the area. 

We greatly enjoy hosting visits to the farm so that visitors can meet the animals and see what we do first hand.